Why Learn French: TOP-5 Reasons in an All-Inclusive Guide

Why learning French French

You speak English and know several European languages. You are a traveler, a thinker, a thinker, a cosmopolitan, a gourmet, just love art or interested in the latest advances in science.

If any of the above points apply to you and you have not yet started learning French, we will try to fascinate you with this language and tell you about the possibilities it offers.

French is an international language of art, dance, fashion, theater, and cooking. It is the mysteries and riddles of history, amazing architecture, and many other unusual, interesting, and fascinating things. Knowledge of this language is a key to the world’s treasures, an opportunity to touch the originals.

Why learning French

Why learn French – the TOP-5 Reasons are obvious

  1. As you know, the French economy is already among the most robust systems in the world, and every year it only asserts its position as the leading country in technological innovation. The largest French corporations have head offices and branches in most countries of the world. Many people today ask – do I really need French online lessons for beginners? Why? The answer is simple – this language has a great future.
  2. Among the arguments in favor of learning French are the preferences of the world’s universities and degrees. Enrolling in graduate school often requires the applicant to know at least one foreign language, and French is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world today if English and Spanish are not taken into account. Thus, if you are proficient in French, it will greatly increase your chances of admission to graduate school and university in the French-speaking part of Canada (Quebec), the United States, northern Italy, parts of Germany, India, or Belgium.
  3. In addition, university students will need to study a foreign language for at least four years. In colleges, students study it additionally as a first or second foreign language. A large number of humanities and research papers are also published in French. So, those who have mastered the online French lessons on Skype or learned the language in another way can get acquainted with the important works of scientists before they are translated into English.
  4. At the same time, by learning French, you will be able to deepen your own knowledge because this process will develop creative and critical thinking. You’ll see steady progress and become proud of your newfound abilities, as well as enrich your personal communication experience.
  5. If English is your mother language, learning French will even help you understand your own speech better, as the language has had a major impact on the development of English. That is, you will understand where words and grammar come from and be able to enrich your vocabulary. At the same time, knowledge of the differences between languages helps you understand your native language better because many people perceive languages as something natural. We know how to express ourselves, but we do not always know why it is said that way.
do I really need French online lessons for beginners? Why?

French is a bridge to other languages

If English is not your mother language, on the foundation of French, you can easily learn English and other similar languages. For example, 50% of modern English vocabulary consists of French words. There are a lot of French words in other languages, too. Since it is not difficult to learn it, you can soon become a true polyglot. Also, learning French is gratifying and useful. On the one hand, its sound and melody are pleasing to the ear. On the other hand, it is an analytical language; it structures thought and develops critical thinking.

French is a passport to prestigious French universities and high schools. Students who know this language can get a scholarship from the French government for the third level of higher education and an internationally recognized diploma.

French is a compass for travelers to France and around the world. Paris and the Cote d’Azur, the Alps and Brittany, as well as Africa, Canada, Monaco, and the Seychelles – with this language, you will enjoy your journey to the fullest.

French is a bridge to other languages.

Once you begin to learn French, you’ll feel its versatility and uniqueness

To effectively learn French in today’s world, there are three essential ingredients:

  1. time;
  2. money;
  3. desire.

Are you ready to put in the time and effort to learn this beautiful language?

Even if you decide to learn French on your own, it’s still a small expense. In 2023, as well as in the future, you can find a lot of different courses online, both free and for money.

It could be courses in programming, web design, photoshop, or courses about healthy eating in 2025-2035. Choosing from all this variety is sometimes very difficult.

Start learning French with the basics, carefully selected, and spare the details and complexities. It concerns vocabulary, grammar , and a set of key words and expressions. The most important recommendation is to fully immerse yourself in learning French. For speaking – you need to listen a lot; for reading – read more. It’s better to start with children’s literature because they have very simple language. Of course, your quest will not be without minor difficulties. This applies to all people. Learning any foreign language (French, Spanish, or Korean) does not depend on your abilities or education and age.

How do you jump over these difficulties?

Only through practice and repetition of what you’ve learned;  listen to the lessons in the background while doing everyday things. To learn French quickly, at the very beginning, it is advisable to put in as much effort as possible and devote some time every day to studying!

Do you want to object and think you have no aptitude for languages? Or that repeating the same thing in an incomprehensible language is stupid? Maybe you have a poor memory or no time to study at all? You already learned French at school and still can’t

speak? Or maybe you do know French but can’t understand anything by ear? Or a bunch of other “excuses” that do not allow you to master this foreign language. Let’s agree on this: what one person can learn, absolutely anyone else can learn! Of course, in the natural environment, language is learned faster, but the basic knowledge can be better learned where you live. And it doesn’t matter where you learn French, it is important to put this knowledge into practice!

How do you jump over these difficulties?

But beware about learning French!

French and everything connected with it is addictive. For example, a study conducted by University of Michigan staff showed that French cheese can be addictive. Lots of French teachers and students agree with these findings. How much do you love this product? 🙂

If you want to travel freely in French-speaking countries or move permanently to one of the countries where French is common, you cannot do that without knowing the language.

Finally, French will be a social advantage for you. Your presentation to other people – as someone who doesn’t know foreign languages or as a true polyglot – is of great importance in today’s world. You will also be able to start communicating with foreigners, which will allow you to impress them even on the street when they become aware that you are familiar with their language.

But beware

Learning new words

To incorporate all of the new words into your vocabulary, translating them once is certainly not enough. You will forget them instantly.

We recommend you to add all new words and expressions you come across here to your personal dictionary and learn them thoroughly. So that they are firmly embedded in your vocabulary.

As an option, you can create a language card like this:

Click on the image to add it to your dictionary.

Constantly working on expanding your vocabulary is very important. Don’t ignore it.

This is the only way to learn French and other foreign languages.

What else can help you learn French?

Remember, once you choose French and watch the first TV series in that language, you won’t speak it. Many people think that it’s enough to learn a foreign language a few times a week and it will be deposited in your head just like that! Series aren’t enough.

We can help you do it quickly and efficiently, and most importantly, you’ll enjoy it! And we know exactly which methods will help you speak fluent French.

Luckily, we’ve gone all the way through the hard part for you and what you need to know in the free mini-book. You can follow it step by step and get results immediately!

Click the “Get Now” button below to get access.

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