The TOP-16 Best Series For Learning Spanish: Watch Them Now

Cuéntame cómo pasó Spanish

Are you looking for an engaging and effective way to learn Spanish? Look no further than these 8 top-rated series for learning Spanish.

Every year soap operas become more and more popular all over the world. But if watching soap operas in your native language is just entertainment and relaxation, the same action in a foreign language, and in our case, in Spanish, is a great tool to learn it. This is an opportunity to learn new vocabulary, colloquial expressions, and grammatical structures, and to practice listening (yes, most of us have difficulties with listening comprehension). And if you add to all of these “benefits” and also familiarity with the culture and life of Spanish-speaking countries, there is no doubt in the usefulness of this exercise. And most importantly, if you’ve found “your” show, which really captivates you, you don’t need any additional motivation. You just watch episode after episode because you wonder “what will happen next?”.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the Spanish language and culture with these entertaining and educational series.

To learn Spanish, you can’t watch all the shows in a row

Beginners don’t need to watch all the shows in Spanish in a row! You won’t understand half of it, you’ll have difficulty, you’ll get tired, and it won’t have any positive effect! As usual, we start gradually, with small clips, commercials and series for learning basic Spanish. Then we move on to the educational series. And when we have mastered Spanish grammar and understand Spanish easily, then we watch any movie or TV series in Spanish.

Sitcoms for Spanish learning

There are special educational sitcoms that are designed for language learners. They are simple enough; shooting quality is average, but it is exactly the material for beginners. Here, phrases are spoken slowly, and everything is dubbed with subtitles. That is what we are talking about today.

1. Extra

One of the British series, [email protected],  is a sitcom in Spanish. Search youtube or any search engine for Extra en español, and you’ll easily find a sitcom about Spanish women Lola and Anna and their neighbors Pablo and Sam, who came from the USA and are learning the language. There are thirteen episodes of 25 minutes each in which you will be introduced to conversational vocabulary and vocabulary on everyday topics.


2. Habla con Eñe

Another sitcom made especially for language learners is Habla con Eñe. We don’t think of it as a full-fledged movie, although it does have regular characters. We watch mini-versions and listen to A1-level phrases.

Habla con Eñe

3. Es Español (Espasa)

The educational series Es español (Espasa) is about four friends. It’s hard to find videos of decent quality. But maybe you can.

4. Cuéntame cómo pasó

An absolute Spanish hit of 19 seasons. It has won every possible award in its field, is loved by millions of Spaniards, and is an inexhaustible source of knowledge for those of us who learn Spanish and are interested in Spanish culture. In terms of language, the series is a treasure trove of useful phrases, expressions, sayings, and traditional Spanish swear words.

Cuéntame cómo pasó

Training series from Spanish training companies

Three great examples are the series from Nuevo Español en Marcha, the Neem series from SGEL ELE: Voces/Diverso, and the series from Agencia ELE. These are also small educational series that are great for learning Spanish.

6. Mi vida loca BBC Spanish

Another option for language learners is the BBC project Mi vida loca BBC Spanish. It contains explanations, but they are in English.

Mi vida loca BBC Spanish

Series to learn more difficult Spanish

7. Las chicas del cable

The country’s first Netflix original project. The series uses the example of four women who accepted jobs at the first telecommunications business in Madrid to explain the 1920s and 1930s and the changes that new technologies brought about to people’s lives.

Las chicas del cable

8. Merlí

Merli, a philosophy professor who teaches his students with unique methods, is the main character of the series. He imparts philosophical knowledge to them and aids in their problem-solving. Additionally, the series is available in Catalan if that is something you are interested in.


9. La casa de papel

Currently, it is one of the most well-liked television programs in Spanish-speaking nations. The plot centers on how a band of daredevils decides to steal the most valuable items from the Royal Spanish Mint.

La casa de papel

10. Velvet

A humble dressmaker and the heir to one of the major fashion houses fall in love. It is unknown if their emotions will be able to withstand all the hardships fate has in store for them.


11. Física o Química

Beginning their careers as instructors at Surbaran College are young, attractive, and ambitious characters. The show addresses themes currently affecting youth, including sex, drugs, racism, homophobia, and the complexity of interpersonal interactions in general.

Física o Química

12. Sé quién eres

Dislike long-running TV shows? Then you should watch this 16-episode Spanish television drama. A vehicle accident causes a rich Spanish attorney, Juan Elas, to lose his memories. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that he is suspected of missing a girl whose blood is found in his car, despite his wife’s best efforts to aid him in regaining his memory.

Sé quién eres

13. El chiringuito de Pepe

A comedy with elements of drama tells the tale of Sergi Rock, a super-famous chef who discovers that Pepe is his father and resolves to help him advertise his restaurant. Pepe is the proprietor of a not very successful bar by the sea.

El chiringuito de Pepe

14. Estoy vivo

A detective with supernatural traits is the main star. In order to aid his daughter in finding the person responsible for her death, the body of an inspector who passed away while chasing a serial killer is possessed.

Estoy vivo

15. Narcos

During the 1970s, Colombia’s Narcos tells the tale of how Pablo Escobar rose to become Latin America’s most powerful man and the king of the drug trade. Because the writers made an effort to capture the realities of living in Colombia and the USA at the time, the series is compelling to watch for reasons other than simply learning the language.


16. Isabel

Isabel is another historical fiction series for fashion and clothing enthusiasts. This time, it’s about Isabella of Castile, one of the most notable Spanish queens in history.


Learning new words

You will undoubtedly hear many Spanish words and expressions while watching these series. Some of them will probably be unknown to you.

It is not enough to just translate these words once in order to memorize them.

We recommend that you incorporate all of the new words and phrases you come across to your own dictionary and learn them thoroughly.

You could, for example, create a language card that looks like this:

Click on the picture to add the card to your dictionary

It is important to work on broadening your vocabulary on a regular basis. Don’t neglect it!

After all, the only way to learn a foreign language is to know its words.


To summarize, if you are a fan of soap operas, you will have no shortage of material to practice your Spanish. In Spain, as well as in Latin American countries, they are widely produced, and fortunately, the times when the repertoire was limited to “Slave Isaura” and other heartwarming stories about forbidden love and illegitimate children are gone. So, starting with our recommendations, you can choose options to your liking based on your language level, the different Spanish variants (Castilian or Latin American), and the subject matter that piques your interest the most.

So why wait? Choose your favorite series for learning Spanish and enjoy watching!

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What else can you do to successfully learn Spanish?

Did you think it was that easy and you could just watch series for learning Spanish and learn the language? Pfft, it’s not that easy. Learning a language is a multifaceted process that implies a system. 

We have developed a guide that describes this system in detail, with which you can quickly and effectively learn any foreign language (including Spanish, of course). And all this is absolutely free. 

Click the “get it now” button and take your copy of this material right away.

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