How to Learn a Foreign Language with the Langavia Personal Dictionary App: TOP-5 Tips

Save yout time with personilized study plan of language learning in langavia Guides

In this article we will explain how to prepare for your future foreign language exam using the Langavia Personal Dictionary app. Preparing for exams can be a very stressful experience. Starting from scratch can be challenging. Especially when it comes to deciding: 

  • what topics to study; 
  • what methods to use; 
  • and how to be more capable at it.

Keep reading to learn how to make the most of the Langavia application to prepare for your next foreign language exam.

1. Use your progress indicator to decide where to start

Pay attention to your progress at all of your language course assignments. The Langavia app keeps track of the number of learned and unlearned dictionary cards. It divides your words into three categories: “New”, “In Progress,” and “Learned.” Moreover, you can see the progress of learning the particular word in your personal dictionary. 

Screenshot with progress in langavia

For each word in the Langavia Personal Dictionary, you can track your learning progress

The algorithm uses a multi-step word learning system. This means that newly added words for further study must go through the first exercise, then through the second, and so on. As you complete the exercises, the progress bar of the word learning fills in. This way, you don’t miss a single word and learn the entire vocabulary fast, reliably and permanently.

2. Save time with a personalized study path 

In practice mode, the algorithm will help you simplify the process of memorizing words and phrases. The Langavia app provides you with a “learning route” that will make you work at the appropriate level, while focusing on the ideas you have yet to understand. In other words, don’t overwhelm yourself. You will need about 15-30 minutes a day to effectively work through words in study using this algorithm.

Using the Langavia app, you won’t waste your time repeating material you already know well – the system automatically removes the ‘learned’ cards from the practice exercises. Also, unlike conventional flashcards, you will work not only on memorizing the translation, but also on listening recognition and correct spelling.

Save yout time with personilized study plan of language learning in langavia

3. Break down large sets of words with Langavia Card Sets

Langavia app helps you to create different card sets. Click on any of these lists to see particular words from whatever category. It can be useful for several reasons:

  1. You can conveniently organize the words in the dictionary so that you can quickly find the words you need according to some topic and refresh your memory.
  2. You will be able to share with your friends and the Community a list of words (a card set), not just individual words.

This is a fantastic time-saving feature, as you can easily focus on groups of phrases or vocabulary words and share these card sets with other people.

Cardset sharing in langavia

It’s easy to share card sets in the Langavia Personal Dictionary

4. Exchange language cards with your friends

The Langavia app allows you to share digital flashcards from your dictionary with your friends, helping each other to learn the topics you want. It will also speed up the learning process, because you don’t have to waste your time on making lists of words to learn. You can start studying right away, so you will be ready in time for the next exam!

Card sharing with friends in langavia

You can also share individual cards of your personal dictionary

5. Remember words efficiently

Langavia Personal Dictionary application offers many exercises that help you learn new words from all angles: 

  • translation (allows you to translate the word if you read it somewhere); 
  • reverse translation (allows you to remember the word if you want to use it in your speech); 
  • listening (allows you to recognize the word in your conversation partner’s speech); 
  • writing (allows you to write correctly in a foreign language).

Over 10 practice exercises ensure you work through words from all angles


Preparing for foreign language exams or improving your vocabulary can be stressful, but the Langavia app can help you get through it all. The Langavia service can help you study successfully by making studying more personalized. Even with a free version of the Langavia app, you can experiment with studying and see how easy, fast, and high-quality it is!

Take a look at the Langavia app in action

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