Computer games and language learningCollections
Top 7 Video Games for Language Learning – Try Them Now
Computer games are an excellent way to see how long someone can keep their mind on one thing. Why don’t we use this to our advantage to learn a language?
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Most useful habits in learning a foreign languageCollections
TOP-6 Most Useful Habits in Learning a Foreign Language
Let’s take a look at 6 useful habits of successful language learners. Why do some people need only a few months to start speaking a foreign language
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Top 10 games to increase and improve your vocabularyCollections
TOP-10 Best Games to Increase and Improve Your Vocabulary
Everyone who learns a foreign language strives to expand their vocabulary. A rich vocabulary indicates erudition, good memory and high mental abilities.
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Tips for staying motivated includeCollections
4 Tips for Staying Motivated to Learn a New Language: No Excuses
As many other things, motivation is very important in learning foreign languages. It’s okay to count it as the most important factor. Excuses for not learning
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7 Practical Words Sources for Language Learners Needed to Improve Your Vocabulary
In this article we will analyze the most practical ways to find new words to expand your vocabulary. Here are TOP-7 popular words sources.
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