Most useful habits in learning a foreign languageLanguage Learning
TOP-6 Most Useful Habits in Learning a Foreign Language
Let’s take a look at 6 useful habits of successful language learners. Why do some people need only a few months to start speaking a foreign language
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Online language learning the pros and cons of education from home newLanguage Learning
Pros & Cons of Online Language Learning: Comparison from A to Z
In recent years, online learning has become a very popular tool for gaining new knowledge. Now you can start learning any language in the world from the
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Top 10 games to increase and improve your vocabularyLanguage Learning
TOP-10 Best Games to Increase and Improve Your Vocabulary
Everyone who learns a foreign language strives to expand their vocabulary. A rich vocabulary indicates erudition, good memory and high mental abilities.
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What is better group or individual learningLanguage Learning
What is better: Group Or Individual Learning? Pros&Cons
When learning a foreign language the logical question is “What is better: studying alone or in groups?”. There are many variants and today
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Flashcards for teachersLanguage Learning
TOP-6 Reasons To Use Flashcards While Teaching Teenagers And Adults
Let’s talk in this article about how online flashcards can be helpful for language teachers and tutors. It is very important for teachers to help students
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Can you learn a language while sleepingLanguage Learning
Can You Learn a Language While Sleeping: 3 Motivated Proofs
Most of us sometimes wonder: can you learn a language while sleeping?  There are two main positions: The first position claims that learning while
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Tips for staying motivated includeLanguage Learning
4 Tips for Staying Motivated to Learn a New Language: No Excuses
As many other things, motivation is very important in learning foreign languages. It’s okay to count it as the most important factor. Excuses for not learning
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Is reading one of the best ways to learn a new languageLanguage Learning
Is Reading one of the Best Ways to Learn a Language? 5 Tips for Effective Reading
Reading is one of the oldest and the most effective methods of acquiring a second language. Let’s figure out in this article if it’
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What is active recallLanguage Learning
What is Active Recall Studying: 3 Best Ways To Learn a Language Faster
In this article we’re going to discuss what active recall studying is and how it can be useful for you. Anyone who has ever taken an exam knows how
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Can i learn two languages at onceLanguage Learning
Can you learn two languages at once? 7 Useful Tips
Is it possible to learn a few languages at the same time? In short, yes, you can learn two or more languages at the same time. In learning several languages
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