How not to forget a second languageHow to
How to not forget a second language: 12 Brief Tips
It is believed that those who have spent enough time learning a foreign language will never forget it. But is this true or does the language tend to be
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Ways to immerse yourself in a language without going anywhereHow to
How to Immerse Yourself in a Language Without Leaving Home: 11 Tips
All people know that once you learn to swim, you will never forget this skill (even if you do not go to the pool for the rest of your life).
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Top 5 rules how to study any language effectivelyHow to
How to Learn a Language Effectively: 5 Rules & 5 Mistakes
When choosing a foreign language and how to learn it, most people ask themselves the question: “How to study a foreign language most effectively?
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How and when to take study breaks for optimal learningHow to
How to Take Study Breaks for Optimal Learning: 7 Useful Tips
It is usually believed that if in the process of learning a foreign language a student forgot something – it’s bad, distracted –
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30 greetings in different languagesHow to
How to Say «Hello» in Different Languages: TOP-30 Greetings
Many people often wonder how to say “Hello” in different languages? With the growing popularity and availability of international tourism
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What is spaced repetition in learning foreign language wordssHow to
How to Use The Spaced Repetition System for Learning Vocabulary Words
Have you ever heard about spaced repetition system? We all know the well-known saying “repetition is the mother of learning”. This proverb is so
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5 practical tips for increasing your vocabularyHow to
How to Improve Your Vocabulary Effectively? 3 Useful Methods
Most of us have probably thought at least 1 time when learning a language: “How to build a better vocabulary?” Here are some tips to help you
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Save yout time with personilized study plan of language learning in langaviaHow to
How to Learn a Foreign Language with the Langavia Personal Dictionary App: TOP-5 Tips
In this article we will explain how to prepare for your future foreign language exam using the Langavia Personal Dictionary app. Preparing for exams can
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What digital flashcards areHow to
How to Make and Use Digital Flashcards: 7 Useful Tips
Have you ever thought about digital flashcards? As we know, common cramming doesn’t work. Even when you have a lot of new information to learn.
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How to
How to Become a Polyglot: 21 Quick Tips For Begginers
The term “polyglot” has no precise definition specifying how many languages one must be fluent in in order to be considered as a polyglot.
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